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How To Sell a House Fast: Tips From 1% Listing Fee

Updated: 5 days ago

Real estate is the face-off game between buyers and sellers. Market conditions are favorable to both sellers and buyers. When the market is in the court of sellers, bidding competition is very high which leads to the house selling faster than average. Similarly, when the market is in the course of the buyer it is difficult for the seller to get the price that they want. No matter what the market conditions are. In this blog, we discuss how to sell a house for more than market value. The amazing tips are as follows


Define Your Selling Strategy

With the help of a selling strategy, you can get a clear path to the end goal. The are various strategies that help you in selling your house. Some of them are as follows.

IBuyer Strategy.   There are some companies out there that buy your house in cash. You do need to list your house on the market. It is considered the fastest way to sell your home. You do not need to entertain buyers' offers because you get guaranteed payment.

Agent strategy - You can also hire an agent to sell your house fast.  The agent should be a licensed professional who has excellent market knowledge and can streamline the process and sales. You have to pay some commission for their services


 FSBO Strategies- You might be wondering asking yourself the same question about how to sell a house by owner.? The answer is FSBO strategies. In this strategy, you have to handle listening, negotiations and showing by yourself. There is no involvement of a relator here. There is the best way to avoid any kind of commission If you are a pro in understanding marketing you can easily sell a house without a relator.


Choose The Right Time To Sell

How to sell the house without a realtor. - The accurate answer to this question is when you choose the right time to sell the house. The right time is when you are ready to move on.  As per the research, the best to sell is the late spring and early summer months of May, June, and July. In this period, you can sell at the premium price.

Get Ready To Deep Clean Your House.

The number 1 formula to attract your prospective buyer to do a deep cleaning of your house before listing. Do you know what is the best investment during this point of time? Hiring a deep cleaner before you start taking photos. If you're not able to afford deep cleaner then still you can make an impression in front of the prospective buyer. Focus on the spots which are damn sure that it affects your picture Spots on windows, stains on floors, etc.


Declutter Your House

Before taking photos remove extra furniture or any goods. A large piece of furniture makes your room cozy.  Keeps your home spacious and airy. It helps your prospective buyer to understand where he/ she can put their belongings. For large furniture, you can rent out a storage unit for some time.


Recolor Your Home

It is time to repaint your home. It looks appealing to the prospective buyer and helps them to see the personal touches and help to envision their favorite paint. You can use white tones, cream tones, and earth tones. These types of tones are easy to paint over.


For more information and tips, you can visit the 1% Listing Fee official website

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