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How We're Different

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Compared To REDFIN


REDFIN claims to charge "1% listing fee when you buy+sell," but if you read the fine print, you'll discover they charge 4.5%. This can be misleading. 

On their website, the savings they offer on a $500,000 listing is only $7,500; thus a total charge of 4.5%. Our clients, with a similar listing price save about $15,000.

REDFIN and other discount brokerages such as Rex, fail to provide an HDR 360 Virtual Tour and Walk-Through Video of your home. These two services enable a listing to rank at the top of internet searches. Listings which do not include these services, fall below the listings which do. Therefore, the listing receives less exposure.

We also stand out with regard to our Home Buyer Rebate. We offer our buyers 33% of our commission. Additionally, our clients who sell and buy, receive 50% of our commission at the close of their new home.

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Compared to Rex

Rex charges 2% commission, but does not list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and is therefore incapable of harnessing the strength of thousands of real estate agents and the buyers they can bring to the table.


By not utilizing the MLS, their listings are not syndicated to thousands of real estate websites and search engines.  This is critical as over 94% of home buyers begin their search online. This makes them incapable of competing in most real estate markets. 

Many brokerages seek to sell their client's homes in-house, which enables the brokerage to obtain both sides of the commission. In these cases, your best interest is superseded by theirs.

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