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Home Value Estimator Words: What Factors Influence Your Home Value?

Updated: Mar 7

Are you looking for a home buyer? Beware of falling into the trap of wrong value estimation of your home! Why are we alerting you? Well, there are many buyers who try to trick the sellers and pay less than the home's worth. Besides, you might be setting the price for your home sale unrealistically high, which many buyers find hard to settle with. Fret not, as we are here to provide you with the solution! Try taking the help of a home value estimator and listing expert services. WE HAVE THREE LICENSED APPRAISERS with combined experience of 50+ years on our staff & the main appraiser is a master appraiser with license in California, Texas, & Florida.  We sell homes at top market value every single time.

This way, you will be able to easily sell your home by knowing its right worth. Also, enhancing the value with the help of the listing services experts' suggestions. Sounds amazing, right? Well, it is! These listing services will make your house-selling process a breeze. 

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Top Deciding Factors For Your House Value As Per Home Value Estimator

In case you are wondering how much is my house worth, we are here to help. Every buyer has different standards set while searching for a home to buy. Mostly, these standards are based on some factors. These factors will help you to know your home's worth and set the right value for selling. What are those factors? Don't worry; we, as an expert home value estimator and listing services provider, are here to help you with the list. Enjoy reading the list to know about the factors. 

  • Neighborhood Home's Value

Does your neighborhood have a home similar to yours that was sold recently? If yes, there is a huge chance that your home's value will be decided by these house sales. These houses in your neighborhood that resemble yours are often termed as comp. And many agents rely on the comps for your home worth. A home appraisal, comparative market analysis, or open-door evaluation comps will be crucial for determining your home's worth. 

  • Ideal Location Factors

Well, where your home is located matters the most when it comes to knowing how much is my house worth. Perhaps you like the location as it is near to your workplace or your family's house. But there are many other location factors that come into play while considering the home worth for sale. Those factors include quality local schools nearby, job locations, and vicinity to shopping complexes, marketplaces, etc. It's even greater if your house is near highways and public transit.

  • Size And Usable Space Of Your Home

If you are pondering over what is my home value, leaving behind the size and usable space of your home will not be a wise idea. It's a crucial factor to consider while talking about your home sale worth. An expert home value estimation and listing services provider will always assess your house size and usable space. The bigger the size and usable space, the more its positive impact on your home value for sale. 

  • Home Value Depreciation 

The newer your home, the more it is worth. Why? The reason is that the old houses require repair. There might be plumbing issues, roof renovation requirements, replacing the old appliances, etc. A buyer seldom wants to pay more for a house with all these additional expenses. However, this is not the case with the new house. Why not take top-notch listing services for your house selling and value estimation, whether old or new?


Home Value Report, Listing, Or Buying And Selling; We Do The Best!

Well, selling a home can never be as easy as it seems. There are numerous variables to consider. Sadly, many sellers end up making home-selling mistakes that include not knowing the right worth of the house, ignoring the location factor, etc. What is the solution? A professional real estate listing service! 

Still pondering on how much is my home worth? Stop thinking! Let us be your home value estimator and listing services provider at 1% Listing Fee. Our prime listing services are offered at the most affordable prices and are sure to pay off the best. Reach out to us and get us started with your home listing today!

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